Other Services

Along with our assorted activities, Chase Run Stable offers other services to the local equine commuinty.

Horse Breaking
While we do dislike the term horse breaking, it is the most used term.  Here at Chase Run Stable, we use gentle, friendly methods of earning your horses trust to develope a wonderfull realtionship between horse and rider.  If you have a young horse who has never been ridden or a horse fresh off the track, Chase Run Stable has the personnel and facilities to work with your horse and bring them to a ridable stage.
Horse Training
Beyond breaking the horse, we also offer training.  If your horse hasn't been ridden in a while or just generally misbehaves, we can work with you and your horse to make you a compatible team where you can both feel safe out on trails or what ever else you would like to be able to do.
Field Boarding
Need somewhere to keep your horse for a while?  Chase Run Stable has plenty of room to keep your horse on beautiful grass fields.  We offer all lengths of contracts depending on your needs.  This is a good option if you don't have the facilities to winter a horse or if your friend needs some compaionship in the upcoming cold weather.
Over-Night Stays
Are you passing through or do you have friends who are coming to visit and need some where to put a couple horses up for the evening?  We have the ability to house horses over night in nice, clean stalls so you can get them out of the trailer for a little while.
Chase Run Stable is located just 5 or so miles down Route 7 from Morven Park Equine Center and the Marie Dupont-Scott Equine Hospital.  We are proud to offer clean, sanitary stalls for short- and long-term medical lay-ups at much cheaper prices than the equine center and competitive with other facilities in the area but you can't get much closer.