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  • Julie (Wednesday, February 24 16 02:35 pm EST)

    My special needs son has been with Jessica for two years. He loves taking Scarlet out on the trail with Jessica at the helm. He is always happy to go riding and Jessica is awesome with him.

  • Janenne Remondino (Monday, September 30 13 04:31 pm EDT)

    We have Jess teaching our 6 and 8 year old. It didn't take them long to become obsessed! She is so good with them. I love the balance of this barn. It's a special place. We drive all the way from
    Vienna for it!

  • Patti Rasmussen (Monday, September 02 13 12:53 pm EDT)

    Great place with a nice, relaxed atmosphere. (is this a website re-do?)

  • Ronnie (Wednesday, October 17 12 06:32 pm EDT)

    I've been at Chase Run for so long that I can't remember, at least 5 years, and I don't want to go anywhere else. Jess is amazing at her ability to work with anyone and help them approve. The horses
    are great and the barn is beautiful.

  • Lisa K (Monday, October 08 12 12:57 pm EDT)

    I love Chase Run! :) Jess is the best, and the horses all have great personalities. Great for all ages and all levels of riders... Even adult beginners (who may be a bit nervous) looking to
    rediscover a childhood passion like I was!

  • Jennifer (Thursday, July 05 12 01:53 pm EDT)

    we love it here. The love affair started when we hosted our daughter's birthday party a year ago. Jessica is a wonderful teacher and friend. She is carefully instructing our child about riding as
    well as how to care for a horse. Its just the right balance of fun and responsibility!

  • LButts and MessyCat (Friday, May 18 12 03:11 pm EDT)

    hanky spanky is the raddest pony there is