Barn Rules

1. Smoking is prohibited within 50 feet of the barn, bedding, hay or manure storage areas.

2. Customers are not permitted to consume alcohol in conjunction with equine activities. Those who choose to visit Hunter’s Run Wine Barn may do so after all CRS activities are completed and when the customer’s vehicle has left CRS property.  Noncompliance may involve police notification.


3. Releases must be signed before anyone may handle or ride any horses. If parent/guardian is not to be present, Medical Releases should be completed for riders under (18) years of age. Please ask CRS Management for forms, as necessary.

4. No guests may ride or handle horses without prior permission from CRS Management.  ALL arena usage and trail time must be scheduled and is “first come, first serve” at management’s discretion.

5. Helmets are mandatory while mounted. No exceptions! All riding school participants must wear an ASTM Approved helmet. It is also recommended that you wear your helmet while working in the barn area.

6. Jumping is only allowed during instruction or with prior consent from CRS Management.

7. The stabling area, aisles and arenas are off-limits to everyone except staff members, boarders and students tacking up for the next scheduled lesson or event. Loitering is prohibited.

8. Parents and visitors are welcome to observe students during their lesson by standing or sitting outside the arena(s). Please control small children and keep them in sight at all times. Parents and visitors may only enter the arena with premission from the instructor. Please park all vehicles at least 20 feet from the barn and in a manner that will not interrupt the flow from the barn or block delivery areas. Do not park on the gravel road, directly by the barn, or at the private residence without prior permission.  Do not park directly adjacent to the barn as this area is needed for horse movement, deliveries and instructor access. Please do not park on the grass unless directed to.  If you have special needs, please consult with CRS Management.

9. Pets are allowed at CRS Management discretion only. All dogs must be leashed and under control. Pets may be refused at any time at the discretion of the CRS Management. Pets are not allowed in paddocks for any reason.

10. The barn aisle and wash rack areas are to be kept free of grooming tools, equipment, hair and manure. Hoses should be coiled after use. PLEASE clean up after your horse. Please do not waste water; turn off water after use and use buckets whenever possible.  Please do not drive over hose couplings.  Repeated offenses will be billed a $25 repair fee.

11. Report any change of address, telephone number or horse status to CRS Management. If you board or lease a horse and plan to leave town, please advise management where you can be reached and what arrangements you have made for your horse.

12. Lunging and turn out: Lunging is allowed in the lunging arena only. Horses may only be turned out in their pre-approved paddocks. Horses may not be moved to a different paddock at any time without the notification and permission of CRS Management.

13. Clinics, lessons and special events will be offered. These events will have precedence in facility and horse usage. CRS Management will try to keep you informed of these activities whenever possible. Please call ahead for appointments.

14. CRS Management shall have the right to assign and re-assign paddocks and stalls in order to minimize dangerous or nuisance situations or wear & tear on the facility.

15. Please notify CRS Management of any necessary repairs, maintenance, problems, complaints or needed supplies.

16. Boarding is a privilege. Actions such as stealing, use of narcotics, flagrant damage or destruction of stable property, abuse of animals, physical or verbal abuse of personnel or any other actions which are deemed detrimental will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate expulsion from the premises.

17. You are hereby advised that direct loss, damage or injury to your horse, tack, equipment or trailer is not covered by our insurance, while on these premises. You as the owner of these personal property items have the financial interest in same; therefore it is up to you to be sure that they are insured under a homeowner’s, tenant’s, or other insurance policy, or under a separate policy as in the case of loss, injury, damage or death of a horse.

Failure to adhere to barn rules can result in removal of barn privileges until further notice.




Barn Rules apply to all persons on CRS premises where applicable, including management, clients, and guests, during operating hours. Facilities are off-limits outside of those hours; established by CRS management. Management is defined as only Jessica Raithel, Brandon Raithel and Assistant Instructors during their work periods.




Please notify CRS Management if you observe any dangerous situations or if the rules are not being followed. 703-862-1845 or 571-223-8057


CRS Liability Waiver
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